In this section we will be talking about our artists. 

Please, keep reading if you want to know them more in depth. Masha does not like anonymity. It is true that artists endow their creations with their own personality, thoughts, mind, and sensibility. But, like cats, we are curious and we want to open the door and get to know them... 

Carmen Trueba::VonTrueba

She is a Spanish architect. She is originally from Murcia, but studied in Valencia (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia) and is currently living in London. She is so international! She has always worked under the name of VonTrueba, doing prints, illustrations and drawings. It is, in fact, something she has always loved, but know she does so as a freelance. 

Favourite quote: (No English translation). Her favourite quote has no English translation but the meaning is very straightforward: be humble and never underestimate anyone. 

Favourite song: any song from Frank Sinatra. 

Favourite movie: "Some like it hot" (Billy Wilder). She likes romantic comedies. Please, let them be also glamorous!

Favourite flower: peonies. 

Favourite architect: Charles Eames. He never graduated as an architect, but he became much more than that. 

Favourite city: New York.